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Our Patron is Gina Campbell QSO

Gina is the daughter of Donald Campbell CBE and the granddaughter of Sir Malcolm Campbell.

The British racing Campbells have achieved over 30 land and water speed records since the Bluebird legend began. 

No other family have achieved the success that the Campbell family have achieved in their field.

As the Womens Water Speed World Record holder herself, Gina has lived up to the expectations of the Campbell dynasty and triumphed through adversities. 

She has dedicated her adult years to keeping the memory of her legendary father and grandfather alive and has inherited the Campbell competitive spirit.

Our Ambassadors

Chris Fisher

Chris Fisher first joined Speed Of Sight in 2015 as a volunteer and since then his involvement with the charity has increased and he currently assists Speed Of Sight in a variety of valuable roles.

In 2015 Speed Of Sight launched its online store. Chris generously contributed his skills as a wood turner to help fill the shop with handmade wood and acrylic pens and key rings. Chris also assists us by valeting our track cars prior to driving days and events as well as donating much needed equipment and materials that have been invaluable during our track days. 

Mark Hargreaves

The director of Datron Technology Ltd who specialise in all types of vehicle measurement technologies especially vehicle speed and slip.

Mark Cowne

Co-owner and director of Kruger Cowne who provide world renown icons to the public speaking, advertising and PR industries internationally.

Drew Langdon

A commercial property developer fired by his passion for powerboats.  He has acheived National Offshore Endurance Champion, two national water speed records and is four times runner up in the Powerboat world championships.  He owns the powerboat that our CEO Mike Newman has achieved both his water speed Guinness World Records in. 

Nicola Warwick

Based in Manchester, Nicola helps small businesses to grow by facilitating access to support through the Business Growth Hub. In her spare time, Nicola loves photography, new technology, baking and boxing. She has experienced the thrill of driving a Speed of Sight car and has seen first hand the positive impact that a driving experience can have. Nicola is a keen supporter of the charity and delighted to be part of the Speed of Sight family.

Ben Harper
Ben has been an amazing supporter since joining the family in July 2015, we met Ben while attending one of our Sponsors Events (Topcon) in Birmingham and has been with us ever since. Ben has only missed one or two track day events since being with us and is an invaluable part of the speed of sight family, he has provided us with hundreds of photographs, He has also used his incredible self taught mechanical knowledge to resolve issues with our track cars to keep them running on track days - without Ben our participants would have been faced with severe delays! Ben loves the speed of sight family and he books days off his full time night job to attend our events no matter where in the country they are.

Hannah Shelmerdine
My name is Hannah and I have Cerebal Palsy.  I am a full time wheelchair user and have limited vision.

I first became involved with Speed of Sight after receiving a voucher for my 30th birthday from my support workers.  I was not aware of the charity previously and knew nothing of the work that they did.

Being the eldest of 3 sisters I had watched my siblings over the years achieving numerous milestones, many of which I thought I would never achieve. They both drive and have their own cars therefore it has been a fantastic opportunity to experience the thrill of driving a fast car myself.

There have been many obstacles for the 'Speed of Sight' team to overcome to enable me to participate however their expertise and perseverance has made it all possible. Being an adrenalin junkie it is a great thrill to experience, at the same time knowing that all safety aspects are taken care of by the team.  They are able to accommodate people with a wide range of physical, sensory and learning disabilities.

The team have really built up my confidence and self esteem and made me realise that things can be accomplished that I never thought possible.  I can't praise them enough.

Matt Lyons
Matt was introduced to Speed of Sight through a networking event in May 2016, and has been involved ever since. Matt’s love of motorsport made the charity an instant draw. In his day job Matt is a Chartered Surveyor involved in business consultancy, valuation and sales. He supports the charity in assisting fundraising activities and by attending track days. Away from work, Matt’s passions include family, food, wine, friends and Formula One.
Matt is honoured to have been chosen to be an Ambassador for Speed of Sight, having a personal connection to the work of the charity.

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