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You can book our very own 'Superhuman Mike Newman' as a guest speaker

Book Mike as a guest speaker
Public Speaking

Born completely blind, Mike always had a passion for cars, so much so, it was his life’s ambition to become a racing driver.

But, as you can imagine, this ambition came with many challenges. No blind person in history had ever achieved this goal.

However, just because he is disabled, doesn’t mean he’s UNABLE. Mike worked tirelessly to live his dream, and through grit and determination to succeed, he worked alongside a local Jaguar dealership, to acquire a racing car that would enable him to do it.

Fast-forward over a decade, and Superhuman, Mike Newman is an 8 times World Record Holder as well as the CEO and co-founder of the Speed of Sight charity.

Mike’s driving achievements

  • 2001 Motorbike speed record: 89mph on an Aprilia bike
  • 2003 Car land speed record: 144mph in a Jaguar XJR
  • 2005 Car land speed record: 176mph in a BMW M5
  • 2011 Aerial record flying the most loop-de-loops
  • 2013 Car land speed record: 186mph in a Porsche GT2
  • 2013 Water speed record: 93mph in a Silverline Racing Boat
  • 2014 Car land speed record: 200mph in a Nissan GTR
  • 2015 Truck land speed record: 120mph in a Man Racing Truck
  • 2017 Water speed record: 102mph in a Silverline Racing Boat.

Book Mike for speaking
Mike Car

Book Mike as your public speaker

As an inspirational, multiple Guinness World Record holder, Mike has spoken at many corporate events and is an instant hit with crowds due to his modest, warm demeanour. He’s a living example of how to make the impossible possible.

Bookings start from £2500 + expenses. All proceeds go back to Speed Of Sight.


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