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About the circuit

Like many race circuits Thruxton was originally a wartime airfield but now has the reputation of a real drivers circuit. Thruxton has seen all our recent Formula 1 drivers race regularly at the track at some time in their career.

Upcoming events at Thruxton

No upcoming events

What to expect

Here's what you can expect on your track day.

Race circuits kindly give Speed of Sight sole use of the venue for the track day. So when you arrive the people you see are also there for the Speed of Sight event. Staff and volunteers can be easily spotted by their Hi Vis vests.
Come and meet us at the welcome point, this is usually in the spectator area. There will be chairs available and volunteers there to chat to and answer any questions. We love meeting new people and welcoming back old friends. You will be able to see/hear the cars on the track and have a view of the pit lane. This gives an opportunity for guests to understand what to expect and a great chance to soak up the atmosphere. There is also a little essential paperwork that needs completing before the drive which you will be asked to do. You will have been given an hour time slot. The aim is for you to have your 20 minute drive at some point during that hour.
Pit Lane
Oooh this is when it starts getting really exciting. When it is your turn you will be taken to the pit lane and met by a member of the pit lane crew who will accompany you to the car. A family member/carer can also accompany to support into the car and take pictures if they wish. You will be helped to get ready for the drive – balaclava and helmet on, safety harness on, seat adjustments completed. You will be introduced to your instructor. They will have a chat to understand what support you will need and to explain the controls.
On Track
Time to enjoy that feeling of exhilaration, the wind on your face, the adrenalin rush. You and the stig will be able to communicate throughout the drive via comms in the helmet. As you pass the spectator area you may be able to hear the shouts and applause or you may be so focused that all the support goes unheard. When you see the chequered flag this lets you know it is the last lap. One final lap to enjoy.
Back into the pit lane and time to share how it felt and to enjoy the sense of achievement. Get presented with a certificate to mark the day and another opportunity for family/friends to take photos. You will be asked for feedback to make sure we keep delivering the greatest experience possible. You are welcome to stay to watch others on the track and to chat. WELCOME TO THE SPEED OF SIGHT FAMILY
What to expect

Track day FAQ’s

What you can expect from a track day with us.

What disabilities do you cater for?


We aim to cater for all disabilities: physical, learning or mental health disabilities. We have a hoist for those with severe mobility difficulties. If you want to discuss any specific issues do not hesitate to contact us.

Is there an age restriction?


Anyone over 7 years can drive. There is no upper age limit.

I have never driven before can I drive at a Speed of Sight event


Absolutely! No driving experience is needed to drive at one of our events.

Can anyone else come in the car with me?


Our cars only have 2 seats, that's one for you and the other is for the instructor.

I do not have a disability, can I still drive?


Of course! However, as we are a charity for people with disabilities, those without a disability are charged the full cost of the experience.

Can group bookings be made?


Yes, we try to accommodate group bookings but it is dependent on availability. If you want to book a group please contact us to discuss,

What happens if it is raining?


We run the events in all weather! So make sure you come prepared with suitable clothing for driving an open-topped vehicle.

Can I buy a gift voucher?


A gift voucher can be issued once an experience has been booked. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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