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Joseph Port

Joseph found out about Speed Of Sight when his father, Martin Port, who is the founder of technology company BigChange, met one of the co-founders, John Galloway through a networking event. Martin then discussed the charity with John and asked Mike Newman to speak at his company to inspire his employees before encouraging Joseph to take part in a track day.

Joseph has multiple learning difficulties and always enjoys the track days he attends, where he brings along his family and friends to watch him drive independently.

Joseph said: “I’m very excited to be more involved with Speed Of Sight, it was a big honour to be asked to become its first young ambassador, and I hope to do a lot of good. I always love going to a track day with Speed Of Sight because it’s made me a lot more confident.”

Mike Newman commented: “We’re thrilled that Joseph is becoming our first young ambassador. He and his family have become a big presence at our track days and they try to help us however and wherever they can, which is always greatly appreciated. We thought it was incredibly important for us to have our first young ambassador as someone who has direct experience of how this charity can change lives.”

Joseph has recently set up a clothing company JP Living Potential where the profits go to the charity they were designed for.