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How To Donate to Our Organisation When Our Track Season Is Over

How To Donate to Our Organisation When Our Track Season Is Over

Now our track season for 2023 has come to an end, there are still ways you can help out with our organisation. From donating to spreading the word, we are going to recommend some easy ways you can help the Speed of Sight charity until our next season begins in 2024. So, let’s get straight to it...

First up is booking a spot for our next track day, you can find out when these are by taking a look at our calendar which is available on our website to view. Our custom built and dual control cars have been specially designed to allow people of all abilities to have the opportunity to drive a race car. It's a truly special moment for everyone taking part from the families to the volunteers.

Our donation page is open all year round so whether you are looking to donate independently or on behalf of your company, we are so grateful for all donations given to our charity. Even just a small amount of money can contribute to changing lives.

Donating to charities is super important especially if they are a charity like ours when we only have selected events during the year. Whether you are donating money, raising money, or just spreading the word, we are always super grateful for all of the dedication and awareness that is raised by our volunteers, audience, and clients.

Speed of Sight began back in 2012 when our founders John and Mike began their journey to greatness. Their continuous hard work and dedication inspires us daily and they have proved that anything is possible no matter how difficult things are. Now in 2023, we have had four cars that have been exclusively designed and built to allow all our racers to enjoy their racing experience.

Our experiences will begin again in 2024 with them being located nationwide at different racing circuit tracks and off-road tracks, from Wigan to Wales, make sure to catch us at one of our events for a fun day!