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Last Track Event of the Season and an Overview of the Track Days Throughout 2023

Last Track Event of the Season and an Overview of the Track Days Throughout 2023

The 16th of October will mark the last track day event of 2023. This will take place at the Trac Mon circuit in Anglesey, Wales. This circuit is west coast of Anglesey, overlooking the Irish sea and the Snowdonia Mountain rage, with its infamous smooth surface and 12 meters width, this is a perfect venue to host our last Speed of Sight charity event of the season. With the past events being a raging success, there is no doubt that this will be the same.

Speed of Sight is a charity organisation founded by Mike Newman who is also known as the world's fastest blind man, the team we have created are committed to helping those of all abilities experience what it feels like to be involved in a motor sport ride. This charity has continuously put smiles on many faces and will continue to do so. At the Trac Mon event, you can expect to be greeted upon arrival by the friendly staff and volunteers here at Speed of Sight where they will direct you to register you in. Once that is completed you will be taken to the pit lane where you will eagerly wait to get on the track. When on the track, you will experience a once in a lifetime feeling. Post track, it is time to have a chat with staff on how you found it and how it could be improved as we are always looking to evolve.

This season we have attended the Three Sisters Circuit, located in Wigan 5 times and each time has been a momentous success filled with many memorable Moments. Llandow in South Wales 2 times at the start of summer so this was the perfect weather for a track day. And then we hosted the next track day at Thruxton circuit in Hampshire on the 4th of September where many lives were positively impacted because of the Speed of Sight Charity.

If you want to get involved or donate to our fantastic organisation, you can do so through our website where you can book in for track days and accept any donations of any amount. We hope to see you on the 16th of October at the Trac Mon circuit for the last event of the season.