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Where it All Began? The Origin Story of Speed of Sight

Where it All Began? The Origin Story of Speed of Sight

This is no ordinary story. Blood, sweat, and tears have gone into making Speed of Sight as we know it today, but how did it all actually begin? Today, throughout this article, we will take you through the heartwarming story of how Speed of Sight came about and explore the highs and lows that have made us the amazing charity we are today. Grab a cuppa and a pack of tissues, and let’s begin the official story.

It all started with one man. One man we like to call “Superhuman, Mike Newman” here at Speed of Sight. Mike was born completely blind, and in 2012, with his friend John Galloway, Mike Newman set up the Speed of Sight charity. From childhood, Mike wanted to be a racing car driver, but being blind, he thought there was no way this could be possible, until he asked himself, what if...? That is when the birth of Speed of Sight began.

We now have several specially designed and built racing cars and buggies that cater to the needs of many disabilities, including blindness. We are proud to say that our cars allow people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the excitement and thrill of driving. The cars are specially designed with dual controls and twin steering wheels. All our track day events take place nationwide at racing circuits and off-road tracks.

Mike has won many awards and achieved many accomplishments in his time. In 2001, Mike achieved his first world record. Some of the achievements include:

  • 2001 Guinness World Record on a motorcycle
  • 2003 Guinness World Record in a car
  • 2013 Guinness World Record in a power boat
  • 2015 Guinness World Record in a racing truck

And so much more!

The success of Speed of Sight could not be possible without the support from you! Every single volunteer, trustee, attendee, and donation makes a world of difference in what we do. If you would like to book in for a track day event or would like to donate to our cause, you can do so via our website.