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Sponsor a track day

Event sponsor

If your company is looking to engage in ESG or CSR activities then this is a perfect activity. By supporting one of these events you will be able to witness the immediate impact that a Speed of Sight track day has on the participants and volunteers.

Prominent Branding

Make your brand known at one of our life-changing track day.

Meet the participants

Meeting the participants helps you understand the difference the experience makes.

Be part of the experience

Get the feel good factor and see first-hand the impact your support facilitates.

“Our son Joe is 12 has Downs Syndrome. He watched his older brother take part in a ‘mainstream’ track experience and said “I want to do that” but he could not access the mainstream experience. We researched and found Speed of Sight. Today Joe had his track experience and it was amazing. The team made him feel special - because it was his day, his treat, but they did not make him feel ‘special needs’. They treated him with dignity and respect, and he responded by following all of the instructions that he was given, so that he was able to drive a Caterham, fast around a racing track. We know that our son is capable of reaching for the sky, but all too often it is easy to underestimate a child with a learning disability. The team did not underestimate Joe, they let him fly. I am crying now, thinking about watching him go round that track and the enormous smile on his face when he had finished. This is a great team, giving disabled people the opportunity to reach their potential and to be able to experience what any other petrol head takes for granted.“
Joe's Mother