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Charlie's Story

Volunteering was an eye-opener!


The change that overcame people returning from their driving experience with Speed of Sight was visible and palpable even to a casual observer.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a track day with Speed of Sight at Trac Mon in Anglesey and was wholeheartedly impressed with my experience and the wonderful efforts of this amazing charity.

Driving, for many people, is a sign of capability and independence. Offering this life-affirming experience to someone who has maybe had this ability taken away or has never been able to feel the thrill of being behind the wheel is profound and moving. Amongst the familial attitude and companionship of the Speed of Sight team I saw new confidence emerge in the people returning from the track with huge grins, laughter and sometimes tears of joy.

Making a difference to the life of someone who is living with disability is often a challenge, but Speed of Sight do so because they change the way that participant’s see themselves and their “limitations”. This broadening of ostensibly “disabled” people’s horizons is why this charity’s work is so important and valuable. I was touched to have been able to witness it.