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Jayne's Story

Whizz Kidz organised a day with Speed of Sight


Being able to offer these young people such an amazing experience was an absolute career highlight for me.

A lot of the young people and families doubted they would even be able to get in the car, let alone drive it. It’s not until they got to the track and saw just how much the Speed of Sight team have adapted every stage of the track day that they realised how truly inclusive it is.

I was able to offer those with Cerebral Palsy, Angelman’s Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, Spastic Paraplegia and Spina Bifida a life-changing experience all thanks to the team at Speed of Sight. Working with the individual’s level of mobility, the team adapted to their specific needs to allow them all to have a driving experience tailored to suit them.

One young person said “That was the best thing I ever did in my whole life”, which reduced all of us to tears!